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Mar 11, 2014 · ETag, which stands for Entity Tag, is a HTTP response header that is primarily being used for caching. Think of an ETag as a unique value that a web server assigns to each cached element. This unique value is then compared in consecutive visits by the server to determine whether the cached file needs to be replaced. Oct 20, 2019 · Etag usage monitoring: This is a website which notifies its registered user about Etags being used by top web pages. Learn more. Closing Thoughts: As I mentioned earlier, not all websites use Etags in http-headers for tracking. The fundamental use of Etag is to make the client-server communication fast and effective. Jun 07, 2020 · Supports redirection to the destination, without tracking services as middleman; Adds an entry to the context menu so that links can be copied quickly and cleanly; Blocks hyperlink auditing, also known as ping tracking; Prevents ETag tracking; Prevents tracking injection over history API Oct 23, 2012 · But the information these ETags contain allow for deleted cookies to be recreated so web tracking can continue. After the paper was published in 2011, Kissmetrics overhauled its tracking system to do away with ETags and other forms of persistent cookies and objects. It said it would only use first-party cookies in future. ETAG 012* *) merged with ETAG 007_November 2012. ETAG 013 superseded by EAD 160004-00-0301 and EAD 160027-00-0301: Post Tensioning Kits for prestressing of Structures *) Version of February 2013 not endorsed by EC. 25-05-2002* CZ EN FR HU PL SK: ETAG 014 superseded by EAD 330196-00-0604, EOTA TR051: Plastic Anchors for ETICS. 15-03-2011: CZ EN

Check each captured response: HTTP Status must be 200 and in the Response Headers, the ETag value - available for any CSS/Image/JS provided by Moodle - must be surrounded by quotes Redo a browser request to the same page: now any of the above response will be provided by the browser cache, the HTTP Status must be equal to 304

The difference between ETag tracking and the regular use-case of an ETag is the following: The server sends each client a different ETag, although the clients requested the same resource. In addition, the server may not inform the client, whether the content of a resource changed.

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