plt.xkcd() saves the current rc params returns a context manager (so that you can use a with statement) that resets them at the end. If you didn't hold on to the context manager that plt.xkcd() returns, then you can't revert to the exact same rc params that you had before.

2020-7-21 · xkcd, sometimes styled XKCD, is a webcomic created in 2005 by American author Randall Munroe. The comic's tagline describes it as "A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language". Munroe states on the comic's website that the name of the comic is not an initialism, but "just a word with no phonetic pronunciation". The Definitive Collection of XKCD Programmers Comics The only legitimate reason for not liking it is jealousy that you can never be as clever as Randall Munroe, the genius behind xkcd. And even then, you know you secretly love it. And so, I present, for your reading enjoyment, the definitive collection of the best xkcd comics for programmers. PHP: 教程 - Manual 2 days ago · Make sure array keys consecutive before inserting. As of 1.0.6 driver, the following will end up as an object of key:value pairs, instead of an array, because it's trying to maintain the 0 and 2 keys: Relevant XKCD Privacy

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xkcd (Webcomic) - TV Tropes troper@tvtropes:/$ describe xkcd here What? No, we're not doing another Describe Topic Here joke.. troper@tvtropes:/$ sudo describe xkcd here. Okay. xkcd is a Stick-Figure Comic by Randall Munroe.It is a gag-a-day comic and generally does not have a continuing plot line or continuity (though there are occasional short story arcs). ‎xkcd: Specials on the App Store 2020-7-23 · ‎"xkcd: specials" is a collection of the two huge projects by Randall Munroe: "Time" and "Click and Drag". Follow the story of two people who wonder why the water level on the beach is rising. Fly through the world and find out what is hiding everywhere.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License. This means you're free to copy and share these comics (but not to sell them). More details. Sep 03, 2019 · #privacy: Data breach hits webcomic forum, XKCD 3rd September 2019 3rd September 2019 by Stephen White in Cyber Security , News Cyber-criminals have stolen message board users’ usernames, email addresses and log-in credentials in a cyber-attack against an online webcomic. Shows latest image with title from the comics strip. Includes Navigation, Next, Previous and Random comic. Best for privacy. Number of IP addresses: 30,000 External links to other Internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the views or privacy policies contained therein. This site contains PDF documents. A PDF Reader is available from Adobe Systems Incorporated.