Jan 29, 2020

Google cracks down on ads for stalkerware. Jul 14, 2020 Remove China Apps taken down: Google explains why the app After Mitron app, Remove China Apps removed from Google Play Store (Express photo: Sneha Saha) Earlier this week, Remove China Apps was taken down from Google Play Store. This was soon after the so-called India rival for TikTok — Mitron app — has been removed from Play Store. Indianexpress.com was the first to discover the removal of Remove China Apps application from Play Store. Epic Games Store | About The Epic Games store supports credit cards, Paypal, and a variety of alternative payment methods. Approximately 80% of store transactions use credit cards and Paypal. The other 20% comprise alternative payment methods, primarily in countries where credit cards aren’t widely available.

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Jul 14, 2020 Android Apps on Google Play

Feb 24, 2020

Google cracks down on ads for stalkerware.