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XNA 2D Independent Resolution Rendering | David Amador But if you want the XNA sample appearance of having a CornflowerBlue background, then obviously clearing it to black won’t work. In that case, if you want to retain a certain background color, you have to replace the second Clear it with a SpriteBatch.Draw call to actually see it. 11.8. Buffered Input and Output - FreeBSD This approach to buffered input/output still contains a hidden danger. I will discuss—and fix—it later, when I talk about the dark side of buffering. 11.8.1. How to Unread a Character. Warning: This may be a somewhat advanced topic, mostly of interest to programmers familiar … Ability to write directly to the pixel back buffer · Issue Extension frameworks like Craft Studio, Cocos2D-XNA, etc., will give you the game "tools" that you want in your game. No, I understand why MonoGame doesn't have the ability to draw geometric primitives, and I'm not asking for that; I'm just asking for the ability to write data to the back buffer so I can do the geometric primitive stuff myself. Input for fighting game - Game Technologies: DirectX, XNA

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1. What’s New in XNA 4.0? - Learning XNA 4.0 [Book] Just as in previous versions of the XNA Framework, XNA 4.0 is designed for cross-platform development. Developers using XNA 4.0 can write games for Windows, Xbox 360, and now Windows Phone 7 Series. Not only that, but aside from some resource management and screen resolution issues, nearly 100% of the code written for any of those platforms will also work on the other platforms. XNA 4.0 Shader Programming #4–Normal Mapping | Modern art Mar 03, 2012 Xna Tutorials - RB Whitaker's Wiki XNA Tutorials. Welcome to the XNA Tutorials, the largest and easiest to use collection of XNA 4.0 tutorials on the Internet!There are plenty of other sites out there, but as far as I know they are either much smaller than this, or way out of date, which is a big deal, since so much changed in version 4.0. XNA Game Studio 4.0 Programming: Developing for Windows