EDIT: If you are looking for a serious solution: First make sure you are not running a beta version. Let it be a stable one. Then go to chrome://flags Reset everything to defaults and exit.

Chrome closes immediately when opening I've had this issue for the last couple of days. Strangely, it stays open if I am not connected to the internet, but when I connect to the internet it immediately closes … google chrome shuts down immediately when opened | Tom's Sep 20, 2019 How to stop Google Chrome browser closing automatically Are you talking about Chrome crashing and closing or the closing of Chrome when you close the last open page. If crashing then you have a problem with the program. Try updating or a complete removal of Chrome and a fresh install. If you have add-ons try disabling them one by one and see if … Chrome closes immediately in Win 10 | Tom's Hardware Forum Jun 25, 2018

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Jul 22, 2020

Try this if Google Chrome closes automatically on start

Restart Chrome and Firefox. This is probably the most basic and first thing you should do. No … Google chrome does not open after you close it - please Aug 05, 2014 google chrome opens instead of microsoft edge - Microsoft