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A zero day exploit is a cyber attack that occurs on the same day a weakness is discovered in software. At that point, it's exploited before a fix becomes available from its creator. Initially when a user discovers that there is a security risk in a program, they can report it to the software company, which will then develop a security patch to

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$90,000 Zero-Day Exploit For Sale. In June of 2016, a zero-day exploit was being sold for $90,000by a Russian cybercriminal named ’BuggiCorp’ on the dark web. The zero-day vulnerability was believed to be able to affect machines running any form of Windows, from Windows 2000 up to Windows 10.

Sep 22, 2011 What is a Zero-Day Exploit? | FireEye Zero-day exploit: an advanced cyber attack defined. A zero-day vulnerability, at its core, is a flaw. It is an unknown exploit in the wild that exposes a vulnerability in software or hardware and can create complicated problems well before anyone realizes something is wrong. Zero-day vulnerability: What it is, and how it works