Jan 26, 2008 · I can't help with the iPod touch but my MacBook Pro is also having issues with my linksys wireless router. I can connect to the router just fine but can't get online. I have another laptop (PC) and it connects to the router and can go online.

Configure the linksys to be using a subnet other than 192.168.1. To do this connect a wired pc to a lan port on the linksys. login as admin and use the documentation provided with the linksys to change the lan subnet being used in the dhcp section (I suggest something like 192,168.2.x).. Now connect the wan port on the linksys to a lan port on the VZ router. Can ping router but can't connect in browser. - Windows 7 2011-1-19 Can't connect to wifi on my new linksys router 2008-11-28

Unable to connect to Linksys WRT54G router - Microsoft

2014-10-8 · However, you’d think I could then connect from the ethernet jack to the router and have my network set up, but NOOO :mad: , the linksys router seems to want a cable modem in between. I can't connect to my laptop through my Linksys Router. On

2020-7-20 · I can't connect to My Asus WL-600g stays only with power light on and nothing more. When I try to reset it (power off/on with reset button pressed for more than 30 sec.) the power light blinks but I still can't access to admin interface. Any sugestion ? Thank you

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